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 MacBook Screen Repair in Dubai

If your MacBook screen is broken or not working properly, it can significantly slow down your device. At MacBook Repair Dubai Pro, we understand how important it is to have a functional MacBook for both work and play. Our trained technicians are experts at fixing MacBook screens in Dubai. This is a quick, reliable, and affordable way to restore your device to normal.

MacBook Screen Repair in Dubai

Signs You Need a MacBook Screen Replacement/Repair Dubai

It would help if you always kept an eye on the health of your MacBook screen. Having a cracked screen can really slow it down and make the whole experience less enjoyable. The following signs may indicate that you need a new or repaired MacBook screen:

Cracked or Broken Screen

If there is damage to your MacBook screen, like a crack or broken glass, you should get it fixed. A cracked screen not only makes it hard to see the screen, but the broken glass can also hurt you.

Dead Pixels

You could have dead pixels on your MacBook if you see one or more of the pixels staying black or unresponsive. A few dead pixels might not be a big problem, but many of them might be annoying and make it harder for you to see anything.

Flickering Screen

A MacBook screen flickering indicates a possible hardware or software problem. A busted backlight, a loose connection, or a graphics card issue can bring it on. Get expert repair services if the flashing continues.

Backlight Issues

Your eyes can strain, and it can be difficult to use the MacBook in low light if the backlight is broken or the screen is dim. Backlight difficulties can result from defective LEDs, damaged backlights, or defective inverters.

Screen Discoloration

Your MacBook may have a display panel or graphics card issue if the screen is yellow or blue. If your screen is discolored, it might be distracting and compromise your visuals.

Horizontal or Vertical Lines

If you see horizontal or vertical lines on your MacBook’s screen, there is a problem with the hardware. This could be because of a broken display cable, a graphics card issue, or a problem with the LCD screen itself. A professional repair is needed to figure out what’s wrong and fix it.

Ghosting or Image Persistence

This happens when text and pictures stay on the screen of your MacBook after you close a window. The major reasons for this issue include a broken display panel, screen retina, or a program bug.

Touchscreen Issues (for Touch Bar models)

If the Touch Bar on your MacBook Pro won’t work, there may be a problem with the hardware or the software. A professional repair shop can look at touchscreen problems and fix them.

Screen Freezing

The screen on your MacBook may freeze a lot, which could mean there is a problem with the hardware or the software. A broken graphics card, not enough RAM, or a damaged operating system could cause a frozen screen.

Black Screen / No Display

If your MacBook’s screen doesn’t show any images or stays black even though the device is turned on. It could mean that there is a serious problem with the hardware.

Other MacBook Service: We Handle It All

Liquid Damage Repair

If you spill coffee or water on your MacBook, it can cause damage. Our technicians can carefully clean and repair your device so that it works properly again.

Logic Board Repair

This is the most crucial part of your MacBook. Our team can identify and resolve complex logic board issues to ensure your device functions properly.

Battery Replacement Dubai

Batteries lose their power over time. We offer MacBook battery replacement in Dubai with original MacBook batteries that will keep your system running longer.

Keyboard Repair

It can be annoying when keys stick or the keyboard won’t respond. We can fix or replace your keyboard so that you can type without any problems again.

Data Recovery

Accidental data loss can be stressful. Our skilled technicians can help recover lost data from your MacBook’s hard drive.

Software Support:

Our team is here to help you if you’re having problems with software or need help with updates. Moreover, if you want to improve your MacBook’s performance, we’ll help you.

MacBook Screen Repair Process

There are five easy steps to get our services


To figure out how bad the damage is, our experts start by doing a full analysis. After that, we look for any other problems that might be going on.


Get Quote

We will give you an honest price for the repair once we know what the problem is. Besides the cost of parts and work, there are no other fees.



Once you agree to the quote, our experts will fix the problem using special tools and techniques.


After fixing the screen, we test it carefully to make sure it works right and find any problems that might be happening.



We’ll let you know when your MacBook is ready to be picked up. If you choose our delivery service, we’ll provide free delivery.

Why Choose MacBook Repair Dubai Pro for Your MacBook Screen Repair?

Top Quality Expertise

The technicians on our team are highly trained and really love Apple products. They know how to find and fix problems with MacBook screens, from small cracks to major issues.

Genuine Apple Parts, Guaranteed Quality

Quality is very important to us. That’s why we only use brand-new parts to fix Apple screens. This makes sure that it fits perfectly, works perfectly, and keeps your MacBook’s warranty good. There are no sacrifices when you work with us—only great results.

Convenience At Your Fingertips

Our service center is in a convenient place, so it’s simple to drop off and pick up your MacBook. We make the whole fixing process easy, so you don’t have to worry about the little things.

Speed Demon With A Focus On You

We know how annoying it is to be down. Because of this, we try to finish fixes on the same day if we can. We can finish work quickly because we have streamlined our process so that you can get your MacBook back quickly.

MacBook Screen Repair 1 - MacBook Repair Dubai
MacBook Screen Replacement Dubai

Customer-First Approach

We know how annoying it is to be down. Because of this, we try to finish fixes on the same day if we can. We can finish work quickly because we have streamlined our process so that you can get your MacBook back quickly.

Competitive Pricing, Transparent Service

There won’t be any extra costs. To get the best deal, you can look at our prices and compare them to those of other stores. We also provide a free diagnostic service that can find the exact issue and give you the correct repair price right away.

Peace Of Mind With A Warranty

We stand by what we do. Because every repair comes with a full guarantee, you can be sure that your money is safe.


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John D

“My MacBook’s screen was broken, and I was afraid it would cost a lot to fix. Not only did MacBook Pro screen repair Dubai fix it quickly, they also charged a very fair price. The team did a good job and kept me informed the whole time. I really like their services!”

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Michael T

“Great customer service! After an accident, my MacBook’s screen was totally broken. At MacBook Repair Dubai, they put in a new one, and it looks just like the old one. Very happy with how quickly and perfectly it was done.”

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Sara M

“The screen on my MacBook Air started flashing, so I couldn’t work. They fixed it in just one day after I took it to MacBook Repair Dubai. Now the screen works great, and I’m very pleased with the service. Good job!” 

Contact Us Today

We can fix the Apple product whether it’s still under warranty or not. We use OEM parts, keep your info safe and make sure your devices work right. In line with brand standards, our highly trained experts use our Toolkit to check and fix complicated hardware issues. Our goal is to keep you informed and active with the whole repair process.

Customers Trust Us

Reviews of our customers

quote - MacBook Repair Dubai
Customers Trust Us
Khim Landicho
Khim Landicho
A very good job indeed! We asked them to fix the tablet battery of a Surface Book Laptop, good customer service, very approachable. No payment issue at all. Their quote is fair by the way. Highly suggest this to everyone who needs their service.
Efraim Evidor
Efraim Evidor
Excellent service! My dented MacBook pro screen has been replaced in just 5 minutes right infront of me in our office.
Anara A
Anara A
Fast service, good communications👍🏼Spilled tea on my macbook air yesterday and got it fixed within half day today. Haven’t checker the work of the computer after the parts change, but I think shouldn’t be any issues👍🏼 Note: the address in google maps is wrong. You need to call the guys and they arrange free pick up and drop off.
Mac Vaughn
Mac Vaughn
I’m traveling from the US and I had a battery issue with my MacBook Pro. These guys were very helpful and fixed it within one hour. They went above and beyond and cleaned out all the dust from a laptop as well There was an issue with the speaker when I got it back but they fixed it immediately while serving me Chai tea! 💯 recommend.
Igor Bondar
Igor Bondar
Great service
Saqib Hasan
Saqib Hasan
My Macbook battery was drowning for the past few days and I was looking for some reliable and affordable person to repair/replace it. Fortunately, Macbook Repairs Dubai are the best in UAE. and the best part is, they replaced the battery at the same day. If you have any kind of problem related to Macbook, I urge you to visit them as they are very professional.
shahzad Haider
shahzad Haider
I have availed services of changing my MacBook pro M1 screen, and I must say I am very happy with their services, thorough professionals the whole azizi team, highly recommended
Binod Shrestha
Binod Shrestha
Perfect repair solution for MacBook and iMac in Dubai. The technicians are of highest quality.. very professional in dealing and would suggest the best that you need. they will give you the best service you can get at a reasonable and fast time. will definitely pick them anytime if there are any issues. I'm one of the happy coustomer since last three years.
Muhammad Arshad
Muhammad Arshad
MacBook A2289 Display replacement done same day.

Frequently Ask Questions

Most of the time, fixing a MacBook screen is less expensive than buying a new one. You can get a full inspection from our experts to help you make an informed choice.

How long it takes to fix depends on how bad the damage is and how quickly we can get new parts. Most screen fixes, though, don’t take more than one to two days.

Yes, we can replace a MacBook screen with a genuine Apple display screen.

Yes, we can fix screens on all MacBook models, including the MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, and earlier MacBooks.

The cost of the repair varies depending on the model of your MacBook Pro and the extent of the damage. We offer competitive prices and will provide you with a thorough quote before starting the service.