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MacBook Repair Dubai, located in the heart of UAE, offers reliable solutions for hardware, software, as well as technical issues. With skilled technicians, original Apple Components, and warranties, we assure quality service. 

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Khim Landicho
Khim Landicho
A very good job indeed! We asked them to fix the tablet battery of a Surface Book Laptop, good customer service, very approachable. No payment issue at all. Their quote is fair by the way. Highly suggest this to everyone who needs their service.
Efraim Evidor
Efraim Evidor
Excellent service! My dented MacBook pro screen has been replaced in just 5 minutes right infront of me in our office.
Anara A
Anara A
Fast service, good communications👍🏼Spilled tea on my macbook air yesterday and got it fixed within half day today. Haven’t checker the work of the computer after the parts change, but I think shouldn’t be any issues👍🏼 Note: the address in google maps is wrong. You need to call the guys and they arrange free pick up and drop off.
Mac Vaughn
Mac Vaughn
I’m traveling from the US and I had a battery issue with my MacBook Pro. These guys were very helpful and fixed it within one hour. They went above and beyond and cleaned out all the dust from a laptop as well There was an issue with the speaker when I got it back but they fixed it immediately while serving me Chai tea! 💯 recommend.
Igor Bondar
Igor Bondar
Great service
Saqib Hasan
Saqib Hasan
My Macbook battery was drowning for the past few days and I was looking for some reliable and affordable person to repair/replace it. Fortunately, Macbook Repairs Dubai are the best in UAE. and the best part is, they replaced the battery at the same day. If you have any kind of problem related to Macbook, I urge you to visit them as they are very professional.
shahzad Haider
shahzad Haider
I have availed services of changing my MacBook pro M1 screen, and I must say I am very happy with their services, thorough professionals the whole azizi team, highly recommended
Binod Shrestha
Binod Shrestha
Perfect repair solution for MacBook and iMac in Dubai. The technicians are of highest quality.. very professional in dealing and would suggest the best that you need. they will give you the best service you can get at a reasonable and fast time. will definitely pick them anytime if there are any issues. I'm one of the happy coustomer since last three years.
Muhammad Arshad
Muhammad Arshad
MacBook A2289 Display replacement done same day.

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Issues We Fix At Our MacBook Repair Dubai Outlet (Services):

Our expert technicians provide prompt screen repair and replacement services for cracked or malfunctioning MacBook screens, ensuring clear and vibrant display quality.

Keyboard Repair and Replacement

Experience seamless typing again with our precise keyboard repair and replacement services, effectively addressing sticky keys, unresponsive buttons, and damaged keyboards.

Battery Replacement

We offer reliable battery replacement solutions to restore your MacBook’s battery life and performance, allowing you to work or enjoy entertainment without interruption.

Touch Bar Replacement

Restore the functionality of your MacBook’s touch bar with our professional touch bar replacement services. We ensure smooth operation and an enhanced user experience.

Logic Board Repair

Our skilled technicians will diagnose and repair issues with your MacBook’s logic board, resolving performance issues and restoring optimal functionality.

Data Recovery

Whether your files and documents were lost due to accidental deletion or hardware failure, we offer reliable data recovery services to help you retrieve them from your MacBook’s storage device.

SSD Upgrade

Have you run out of storage? Enhance your MacBook’s storage capacity and performance with our SSD upgrade services, providing faster data access and improved system performance.

RAM Upgrade

Our RAM upgrade services optimize your MacBook’s multitasking capabilities, allowing for smoother and efficient performance as well as better handling of important tasks.

Software Troubleshooting

Count on us to diagnose and resolve software-related issues on your MacBook, ensuring stability, security, and compatibility with your applications and operating system.

Virus Removal

In this age of technology, safeguarding your MacBook against malware and viruses should be at the top of your list! With our comprehensive virus removal services, we restore system integrity and data protection, keeping these threats at bay.

Trackpad Replacement

Our trackpad replacement services help you regain precise cursor control and navigation, effectively addressing issues such as unresponsiveness and erratic behavior.

Charging Port Repair

We ensure reliable charging solutions for your MacBook with our charging port repair services, resolving issues such as loose connections or damaged ports to provide an uninterrupted power supply.

Speaker Repair

Enjoy crisp and clear audio output on your MacBook once again with our speaker repair services, effectively addressing issues such as distorted sound or no audio output.

Fan Replacement

Prevent overheating and maintain optimal performance with our fan replacement services, ensuring efficient cooling and airflow within your MacBook for endless hours of use.

Overheating Issues

Is your MacBook heating up and you don’t know what to do? Our technicians will diagnose and resolve overheating issues on MacBook models, address underlying causes, and implement effective cooling solutions.

Hinge Repair

Restore the stability and functionality of your MacBook’s hinges with our professional hinge repair services, and enjoy smooth opening and closing of the display without issues.

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Repair

Experience seamless connectivity on your MacBook with our diagnosis and repair services for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth issues, ensuring reliable wireless communication.

Liquid or Water Damage Repair

Trust our expertise in repairing liquid or water-damaged MacBooks, mitigating corrosion, and restoring the functionality of the affected components.

Power Button Repair

We ensure reliable power control for your MacBook with our power button repair services, addressing unresponsiveness or difficulty in powering on/off.

SSD Data Migration

We can assist you by automating the transfer of data to a new SSD using our SSD data migration services. You won’t have to worry about losing data due to any incidents or corruption.

Backup and Restore Services

You can now protect your important data with our backup and restore services, safeguarding it against potential data loss due to hardware failure, theft, or accidental deletion.

Keyboard Backlight Repair

Enhance your keyboard visibility in low-light conditions through our backlight repair expertise, allowing you to enjoy working despite dim environments. Our experts will fix the keyboard light, illuminating it to perfection.

MacBook Upgraded Services in Dubai

Nope! We don’t push our invaluable customers to change their MacBook right away if it’s not operating actively. Instead, we support them by guiding them on how they can upgrade this old device to run faster, safer, and longer. The most common upgrades are:

MacBook SSD Upgrade

MacBook RAM Upgrade

Out of Warranty MacBook Repair in Dubai

No matter the issue—whether your MacBook won’t start up, is functioning slowly, lacks power, or shows lines on the display—the solution is just a visit away. Our skilled technicians are more than ready to promptly and effectively tackle your MacBook’s problems.

Here are some common out-of-warranty MacBook issues we can fix:

Out of Warranty MacBook Repair Dubai_

If the hard drive of your MacBook fails or has already failed, we can replace it with one of higher storage capacity to achieve faster data retrieval speeds. Additionally, we provide data recovery services for failed hard drives, or we can transfer your backup from an external drive to a new one, as long as it fits within your budget.

Dial Now +971 55 7413706 For Instant Online Assistance for MacBook repair near me.

If you have a MacBook and it’s giving you trouble, Just reach out to us at +971557413706, and our prompt team will sort out the issues you’re facing. Our team of skilled technicians understands your MacBook inside and out and will quickly get it back up and running smoothly. Count on us for reliable solutions and fast service.

Onsite MacBook Support for Home and Business

We offer comprehensive support for all your technological needs, specifically for Apple MacBooks, right at your doorstep, be it home or office. Our services are transparent with no surprises or hidden fees. We’re open 6 days a week and even provide support in emergencies on off days. We guarantee to find a solution to your MacBook problems.

Our Onsite MacBook Support includes:

Our Onsite Macbook Support Dubai

Why choose us for MacBook Service Dubai

Certified Technicians:

Our staff technicians are certified to maintain quality work experience. We have a wide variety of training workshops where our staff undergo comprehensive training programs that cover a wide range of MacBook models.

Genuine Apple Components:

We proudly claim to use original Apple components for your devices. That’s why our customer retention ratio is much higher than any other MacBook service providers in Dubai. We never compromise on quality.

Data Security and Privacy Standards:

Our data security system is so secure that our customers’ device data is always protected. We ensure and guarantee that your data is handled with the utmost confidentiality. Our technicians comply with strict privacy policies, ensuring your information is never misused or accessed without your permission.

Economical for your Pocket/Pocket Friendly:

We always care about our customers; we consider them a part of our MacBook Repair family, which means that we never overcharge them, while also ensuring that they are satisfied.

Common Apple MacBook Issues and Solutions

MacBook Wi-Fi Connectivity Problems

The MacBook must be connected to a Wi-Fi network to access any browser. If you encounter a Wi-Fi problem, you can run a diagnostic check to fix your MacBook. For better results, you need to have the best Wi-Fi connection.


To fix the above-discussed issue, restart your MacBook and Wi-Fi router. Ensure that your MacBook is within the range of your network, where router signals can be easily accessed.

Reset networking settings by going to System Preferences > Network > Wi-Fi > Advanced > TCP/IP > Renew DHCP lease. 

If the issue persists, try creating a new network or contact the internet service provider in your area.

Macbook Wi-Fi Connectivity Problems

MacBook Running slow

There could be multiple reasons for your MacBook to be running slow. You may be using an older version of the MacBook, or your storage might be full, but you can resolve that issue yourself. A slow MacBook may create issues. However, they can be solved by following these easy steps:


You can check for software updates and install the latest macOS version. Additionally, you can free up your storage space by deleting unnecessary files and apps. Performing the disk cleanup task and resetting the System Management Controller may also help improve performance.

Macbook Running slow

Battery Drainage

Sometimes, MacBook users experience battery drainage or discharging problems, which describe how your battery loses voltage or energy. You can also solve the issue of battery drainage to get faster speed on your MacBook.


Check your device for applications draining the battery and quit them if necessary. To improve battery life, you can also adjust energy-saving settings, such as reducing screen brightness.

Battery Drainage

Keyboard Issues

Below, we’ll discuss the most common reasons and the solutions to why your keyboard isn’t working. 


If your laptop keyboard is experiencing issues due to dust, gently clean it using normal air pressure or a soft brush. Even if the keyboard still isn’t working after applying the above-discussed solution, it probably has a problem with power or software. You may have to visit a hardware expert near you in this case.

MacBook Keyboard Issues

What are the risks associated with MacBook laptop repairs?

The risks associated with MacBook laptop repairs can include:

Damage to Components:

If not repaired correctly, there’s a risk of causing further damage to internal components, such as the logic board, keyboard, screen, or battery.

Voiding Warranty:

Attempting repairs yourself or going to unauthorized repair shops can void your MacBook’s warranty, leaving you without official support from Apple for future issues.

Data Loss:

During repairs, there’s a potential risk of data loss if proper backup procedures aren’t followed or if the repair involves accessing the storage drive.

Security Risks:

Trusting your MacBook with an inexperienced or untrustworthy repair service can lead to security risks, such as data breaches or malware installation.

Compatibility Issues:

Using incompatible or low-quality replacement parts can lead to compatibility problems and reduced performance of your MacBook.

Financial Costs:

Poorly executed repairs may result in additional costs for further repairs or replacements, ultimately increasing the overall cost of fixing your MacBook.

Extended Downtime:

If the repair process takes longer than expected or has complications, you may experience extended downtime without access to your MacBook.

To mitigate these risks, it’s advisable to seek repairs from authorized Apple service providers or certified technicians with expertise and access to genuine Apple parts. Additionally, backing up your data before any repair work is essential to safeguard against potential data loss.

Frequently Asked Questions

Well, we can only evaluate this by looking into your device. It usually depends on the nature and severity of the problem, as well as the model. Generally, it starts from 140 AED.

Our priority is to complete it within a few hours. However, complex repairs may take more time. We will provide an estimated delivery time and notify you once it’s done.

We use original parts for all MacBook repairs to ensure the highest quality and lifespan of your device.

Our MacBook repair services offer a money-back guarantee on replaced parts if defective, excluding damage from physical harm, liquid ingress, or user mishandling.

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