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Device failure is something no one expects to happen, but it always seems to occur at the most unplanned moment. So, MacBook Repair Dubai is here to rescue you with the top quality Apple Display Repair in Dubai. Throughout the process, your device’s functionality and preferences will remain the same.

Studio Display

Pro Display XDR

Mac Studio Issues We Deal With

Screen Replacement

The screen on your Apple monitor can be fixed or replaced if it is broken. To make sure your screen looks and works like new, we only use high-quality replacement screens.

Backlight Repair

We can fix your Apple screen’s lighting if it’s dim or doesn’t work. Our experts will figure out if there is a problem with the backlight and fix it so that your screen is back to its normal brightness.

Color Calibration

If your Apple screen’s colors don’t look right, we can adjust it. To get the best accuracy and stability with the colors, we use special software and tools to change the settings.

Brightness Issues Fix

Your Apple screen’s light is too dim or too bright? We can figure out the issue and fix it. To make sure the brightness levels are right, we’ll check the settings, hardware, and connections.

Connection Issues Repair

Your Apple display isn’t hooking up right to your computer? We can help you. We’ll figure out why the link is inoperable and fix any link issues, such as cable and port issues.

Flickering Fix

We can fix your Apple screen if it flickers or has problems from time to time. Our experts will figure out the underlying problem and fix it, whether it’s a loose connection or a problem with the hardware.

Cracked Screen Repair

Is your Apple device’s screen broken or cracked? Don’t worry; we can fix it for you. The damaged screen will be replaced with a new one, restoring it to its original condition.

Resolution Issues

We can address distorted resolution on your Apple display. We will verify the display’s running ideal resolution by checking the hardware and settings.

Power Supply Repair

Sometimes, the system isn’t able to get enough power supply to turn it on. We can fix your Apple display if it won’t turn on or if it has problems with power.

Diagnostic Services

Need help identifying the problem with your Apple display? Please take advantage of our diagnostic services. We’ll perform a complete examination of your display to uncover any issues and furnish you with a detailed report.

Port Repair

If you’re experiencing issues with the ports on your Apple display, we have the expertise to repair them. Any faulty ports like HDMI, DisplayPort, or USB-C will be fixed or replaced to ensure reliable connectivity.

Trust MacBook Repair Dubai for Your Apple Display Repair Needs

We only use authentic Apple parts to maintain your device’s performance and image quality. Visit our repair shop today to experience the difference our expertise can make. We’ll quickly restore your laptop’s appearance and functionality.

Our Apple Display Repair Process

Consultation: We begin by discussing the issues you’re experiencing with your Apple device to diagnose the problem accurately.

Diagnostic testing: To find out the exact faults with your display, our experts do a full set of diagnostic tests.

Repair plan: We provide you complete repair plan that includes an estimate of how much it will cost.

Fixing: Our skilled techs carefully fix your Apple Display issues by following the plan and using high-quality spare parts where required.

Quality check: Once the repair is complete, we conduct a thorough quality check to ensure that your device functions properly and meets our high standards.

Cleaning and packing: After repairing your Apple device, we clean it and package it in a protective box so you can either pick it up or have it delivered.

Apple Mac Display - MacBook Repair Dubai

Signs Your Apple Display Need Repair/Replacement:

Screen cracks or scratches: If there are cracks or deep scratches on your screen, it needs to be fixed or replaced..

Spots on screen: There may be spots on the screen that appear darker or brighter than the surrounding areas. This could indicate that the screen is damaged or the lighting isn’t working right.

Flickering images: If the pictures on the screen are wavy or distorted, there may be a problem with the graphics card, the cables, or the screen itself.

Unresponsive Screen: For touch-enabled screens, the touch feature may need to be fixed if it isn’t working right or has bugs.

Not display or power: There could be a problem with the power supply, cables, or internal parts if your screen won’t turn on or show any picture at all.

Strange colours or tints: If your screen’s colours appear distorted, like if they have an odd tint or don’t match what you expect, it may need to be fixed.

Lines going across or down the screen: If you notice lines running across or down your screen, there’s probably a technical problem that requires attention.

Apple Mac Display - MacBook Repair Dubai

Apple Display Models

Among the latest types of Apple displays we can fix at our shop are:

Apple Studio Display

Studio Display

The Studio Display is a 27-inch 5K Retina screen made to work with Mac computers. We can help if your Studio Display is giving you trouble, like a broken screen, a fractured backlight, or problems with the colors. Our techs know a lot about how to fix Studio Displays and can figure out what’s wrong and fix it.

Apple Pro Display XDR

Pro Display XDR

The 32-inch Pro monitor XDR is a high-end 6K Retina monitor made for business use. Extreme dynamic range (XDR) and a wide colour field are some of the advanced technologies that this screen has. If your Pro Display XDR is having problems like a broken screen, issues with brightness, or problems connecting, our team can help. We know how to properly analyze and fix the Pro Display XDR because we know its specific needs and built-in features. 

Why Choose Us?

Apple has been a leader in the digital world since it entered the market with digital products. Despite Apple devices boasting advanced technology and top features, accidents or improper usage can still occur. MacBook Repair Dubai is the best place to get your Apple display fixed. 

Here are the reasons you should choose us:

Apple Mac Display - MacBook Repair Dubai


I was heartbroken when I broke the screen on my Apple system by accident, but MacBook Repair Dubai saved the day. Their techs were nice, knew what they were doing, and worked quickly. They used a real Apple part to fix my screen, and now my system looks and works like new. I strongly advise you to use their services!
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Salman Ahmed, Graphic Designer
When the screen on my system started showing strange colors and lines, I knew I needed help from a professional." I looked online and found MacBook Repair Dubai. I chose to give it a try. I'm so glad I did! They quickly figured out what was wrong and replaced the broken LCD panel. The fix took very little time and cost a very fair amount. I'm very pleased with their service.
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Mohammed Khalid, Student
"Being the owner of a business, I depend on my MacBook for daily tasks." I freaked out when the screen went black all of a sudden. Thank goodness, a coworker told me about MacBook Repair Dubai. Their technicians were very skilled and took the time to explain how the repair would work fully. They fixed the screen in record time, and I was able to get back to work right away. I will now tell all of my friends and coworkers about their great service
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Fatima Hassan, Businesswoman

Frequently Asked Questions

How long it takes to fix varies on how bad the damage is, but most screen repairs can be done in 24 to 48 hours.

Yes, we only use original Apple parts to make sure the best quality and fit with your system.

We can fix Apple displays that have been damaged by water, but the success of the fix will rely on how bad the damage is. We suggest that you bring your laptop in for a technical check.

Most of the time, fixing a screen is less expensive than buying a new laptop. That being said, if your Apple device is an older model, it might be better value to buy a new one.

If you need us to fix your Apple display, we do give a limited warranty. The length of the warranty may be different for each repair job.

Business Hours:

Monday – Saturday: 9:00 AM – 10:00 PM

Sunday: Our technicians are taking a rest, but Onsite are available.

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