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Apple Wireless Mouse Repair Dubai

Apple’s wireless mouse, known as Magic Mouse, is famous for having a sleek design and advanced features that make it easy to navigate. But, like any mechanical device, this mouse might have problems from time to time. If you need help in Wireless Mouse Repair Dubai, our team at MacBook Repair Dubai is here to help.

Magic Mouse Repair

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Magic Mouse Services We Offer

Common Issues We Address

Connectivity Issues

If your wireless mouse does not connect to your device or has irregular connectivity, we will diagnose and rectify the problem.

Battery and Charging problems

If your mouse won’t hold a charge or is having trouble charging, we can fix battery-related problems to make sure it works at its best.

Not Responding Buttons

If the buttons on your wireless mouse aren’t working right, we can carefully check it out to find out why it’s happening and fix it correctly.

Cursor Moving Wildly

Having trouble controlling the pointer can be annoying. Our techs can figure out the problem, whether it’s a program glitch or a hardware issue, and repair it quickly.

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 What are the steps involved in repairing an Apple Magic Mouse?

Inspection and Diagnosis:

When our techs get your Magic Mouse, they look it over carefully to see if there is any damage or a problem. We connect the mouse to a device that works with it to make sure it does its job. Then, look for issues like buttons that don’t work, tracking problems, or connection problems.

Cleaning and Disassembly:

We clean the outside of the Magic Mouse really well to get rid of any dirt, grime, or other things that could stop it from working right. In case we need to, we carefully take the mouse apart to look at and fix its parts inside.

Component Repair or Replacement:

If there is a problem, our experts will either fix the batteries, sensors, or switches that are broken or get new ones. We only use brand-new, high-quality parts that meet or go beyond what Apple originally asked for to make sure they work well and last a long time.

Reassembly and Testing:

When our experts fix or replace parts that need it, they carefully put the Magic Mouse back together, making sure that all of the parts are safely in place. We carefully test all of the features to make sure they work, like tracking, clicking buttons, and scrolling.

Quality Assurance and Cleaning:

The fixed Magic Mouse goes through one last quality assurance check to make sure it meets our high standards. Only then do we send it back. One more time, we cleaned the mouse to make it look like new.

Wireless Mouse Repair

What are the signs indicating that you need wireless mouse repair in Dubai?

Wireless Mouse Repair

How can the Apple Magic Mouse be maintained effectively?

Wireless Mouse Repair

Why Choose Us?

Macbook Repair Dubai takes pride in its commitment to offering exceptional customer service. That is why we provide thorough diagnostic services to assist you in determining the underlying cause of any problems you may be facing. Our professionals will work with you to identify the issue and offer the best line of action to resolve it. We have competitive pricing to give you good service at a reasonable price. Macbook Repair Dubai offers the finest value for your money. Quick as lightning, we’ll diagnose the problem and fix your mouse. Getting your repair done won’t take long because we usually finish within the hour.

Here’s what makes us unique:


I was about to buy a new mouse because the old one wouldn't work at all. After that, a friend told me about Macbook Repair Dubai. I'm glad I didn't buy a new mouse right away. They fixed the scroll wheel for a lot less than it would have cost elsewhere. They even cleaned it up, making it look like new. I can now use my favourite mouse again.
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David Jack
The battery in my wireless mouse died very quickly and wouldn't keep a charge. It was annoying and expensive, and I had to change the batteries all the time. Apple Repair Dubai changed the battery and made sure everything was working properly. When it was brand new, my mouse would charge and stay charged for weeks.
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Haseeb Ahmad

Business Hours:

Monday – Saturday: 9:00 AM – 10:00 PM

Sunday: Our technicians are taking a rest, but Onsite are available.

Frequently Asked Questions

You do not need to make an appointment for a repair at Macbook Repair Dubai. Walk-ins are welcome, and you will be served by a professional technician who can diagnose and resolve your problem. If you wish to avoid any potential wait times, you can make an appointment online ahead of time.

The repair fee is determined by the precise issue with your mouse. However, we always aim to provide competitive pricing.

No problem, we can still look! We have a lot of parts for older mice and will do our best to bring your faithful friend back to life.